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October 31, 2005 :: Halloween Card

Ah, I guess it's a favorite holiday for many; unfortunately tragedy seems to have struck the friendship circle of a close friend of mine; a good friend of his from high school committed suicide the night before last (it's just hitting the paper today in my tiny little town -- on Halloween, how awful is that?), our other friend's brother died in a driving accident last night (in the same, exact place I had my own accident a month ago), and our OTHER friend was in church Sunday and witnessed her pastor's death when a wire from the ceiling fell into the Baptismal pool while he was performing a Baptism (it's all over the news). And all of this news at once! It seems my Samhain prayers are booked up this year. ; ; Send out your best wishes. Blessed be.

10-30-05: I am back with a damn vengeance. Life is kicking my ass. But I have promises to keep.
12-13-04: Page nine finally up. So sorry about the wait. ; ; I'm being run ragged lately!
12-6-04: Five new pieces of fanart... *happy faints* Page nine is in the works.
11-19-04: New fanart on the forum, which I have yet to link from the site other than here. I'm a bad manga-ka! I'll link it ASAP. <3
11-24-04: New artwork up in the gallery section. Word on the street is that more fanart is on its way. <3
11-21-04: The site is finally up! Excuse me while it looks like total and utter shit... I'm exhausted. o.@

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